«Ms. Voigt’s practice in leading seminars, workshops, and personalized coaching has helped many multicultural businesses and learning centers in Europe and China to improve communication and create teambuilding through language barriers and thriving workspaces within diverse communities. The Intercultural Center’s versatile work has been adapted to fit a variety of clients ranging from university students preparing for today’s globalized business community to corporations and small enterprises with multicultural staff and personnel.» 

Dozenten- und Coach-Kollegen aus den USA, China, Deutschland und der Schweiz


«Ms. Voigt`s impulse speeches give deep insight into new areas of business, with an inspiring sense of humor. She improved our integration.»
Assistentinnen von 20 global verteilten Geschäftsleitungen der Continental AG

«Connie`s coaching is highly valuable for our complex change processes.»
Verschiedene Manager eines europäischen Telekommunikationskonzerns

«Connie Voigt`s input on knowledge transfer is entirely useful for practical application.»
Head Business Development of a pharmaceutical corporation in Basel

«Connie delivers important issues of our dynamic times in a very practical and clear manner. We recommend her to all students in the world.»
Amerikanische Studenten in der FU Berlin

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